Perceptions: Center for higher learning (by Neeti Sinha)

Academic background

Biophysics, Physics, Computational Thermodynamics, Theoretical Thermodynamics

Biophysical processes are governed through energetic optimizations.

Past research specifically involved- Protein Structure-Function Relations; Molecular Mechanics; Protein Electrostatics; Molecular Recognitions; Thermodynamics of Protein Interactions; Energetic Optimizations of Drug Binding.

Courses taught on thermodynamics and molecular mechanics of protein folding, function and interactions.

Biology is optimized by physics and mathematics

Any process is optimized through forms of energies.

Neeti Sinha

D.Phil/PhD. (Biophysics/Biochemistry)
Oxford University, UK, 1994-1998.

Post-doctoral research (Computational biophysics)
National Institutes of Health, 1998-2003.

Assistant research professor (Theoretical thermodynamics)
Johns Hopkins University, 2003-2010.

Visiting professor (Physics in biology)
Washington University, St Louis, 2010.

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