Past interests:

Biophysics of protein processes

Protein folding; Protein-protein interactions; Protein binding; Drug targeting and design

Structural thermodynamics

Protein structure-fuction relations

Thermodynamics of molecular interactions

Optimized free energies in biological functions

The emergence of flexibilities through free energies

Energetic optimizations in drug design

An advanced graduate course on Protein structure function relations:

        This is an advanced level concept based course to understand the role of energetics in optimized molecular processes. The course covers experimental and theoretical biophysical aspects of protein function, protein-protein interactions, drug binding and drug optimizations. Below is the introductory lecture on what this course is about. The course constitutes 30, one and the half hour sessions. I am distributing this course free. If you are interested in this course, please write to me.

Protein structure-function relations

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