Subject: The All-Encompassing Universe that Includes Us, Its Mathematical Nature and its the Laws of Physics

An Introduction to the subject, my presentations and on the forthcoming book

        The subject is presented in a popular science format, and can be comprehended by anyone who is interested in understanding the flow of the Ultimate Makeup (i.e. the Universe that includes our "perceptivities"). To acknowledge the beauty that Mathematics and Physics offer in unraveling the truest nature, which at the outmost level reamins hidden from our direct sight. Here, mathematics and physics are only utilized to help understand what lies beyond what we see. Glimpse the introductory presentations from the links below.

A short introduction to the interdisciplinary subject [PDF]

A glimpse into the Ultimate Reality (slide show, PDF)

Why the Universe is the way it is?

Why we see what we see?

How do we exist relative to the Universe?

Why physical laws implement?

Why the Universe is Mathematical?

How the Universe operates as an entity?

What is Our role in operations of the Universe?

What is Mind?

How do we combine what Science reveals with what Self Realized say?

        These are not just philosophical questions. All of these need to be addressed accurately so that the meaning behind the existence of the universe and the human can be perceived. Without this understanding the life is perhaps nothing more than a deep sleep, where we live by groping our way through the emotions. To address the above enquiries, we have three sets of facts in hand-

The Universe is unified through the Laws of Physics.

    Matter-energy exists through physical laws. The way physics operates locally is the same as in the most distant galaxies we sight.

The Universe is Mathematical

    The more we study the more we find that mathematics reflects the universe and vice versa. Mathematical number patterns are found in every aspect of the nature and the universe. Not only does the physical world but also our choices and creativity display the same mathematical patterns. In fact mathematical concepts and formulations themselves illustrate the way universe exists and goes on.It is as if the universe exists in the language of mathematics.

We all know, without a doubt, that the Mental Plane does exist

    Even though its existence cannot be proved. We all have a set of elements existing inside us- thoughts, emotions, memories, dreams, images and creativities.

        How can we utilize the above-mentioned three sets of information to interpret how the universe exists and continues? And how human exists in relation to the universe? The preliminary requirement would be to figure out how our senses exist within the mass-energy framework. For instance, Einstein's theories of special and general relativity illustrates how the space-time fabric structures and continues. We would need to know here how the our perceptivities fit within this framework. This is something I am addressing in the forthcoming book, which explains the following:

    1.   What the concepts in mathematics and the theories in physics tell us on how we exist In the universe.

    2.   How mathematics, advanced physics, and the way we perceive the universe support a unified picture, where "consciousness" become a part of the space-time continuum.

    3.   How the parallel universes that subsume "consciousness" pound. And importantly, how we can reason out certain scientific perplexities by envisioning an integrated scheme.

        The above banner highlights the presence of the human through the quantum to the cosmic worlds. The spherical illustration surrounding the human is a mathematical object Calabi-Yau manifold. The Calabi-Yau space beautifully explains multi-dimensions, beyond that of three we encounter. The Calabi-Yau space is also illustrative of string theory (in physics), which proposes to unify all mass-energy forms, including those existing at quantum levels, with the universal forces. The subject of this initiative introduces how human as an entity is a part of the quantum as well as cosmic realms. How human exists through constant quantum fluctuations as well as through ever expanding universe is the subject of this initiative.

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