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Publication on the Universe and its Beyond

        "A span remains tucked alogside the five senses. Our preceptivity (the five senses) is a part of the space-time, while the hidden reality, that of the Watcher, together with the order of space-time would constitute the ultimate texture."

        Self-knowledge is to acknowledge the transitory (mass-energy) and the one which remains constant (the watcher) of a living span.

 Neeti, author of Absolute: Multidimensional Beingness

(A book on the ultimate span, as perceived beyond the five senses.)

        The above book outlines the ultimate reality mostly in non-scientific terms. My upcoming book approaches the Ultimate Reality in scientific terms. The upcoming book utilizes concepts in mathematics and theories in advanced physics to access the Ultimate Reality, of how the universe, and its parallel forms exist and continue—as a system that subsumes consciousness.

Neeti Sinha

Absolute: Multidimensional Beingness was published in 2006. I have recently put its print on hold, mainly because I want to give a scientific spin to its contents. Listed below are its chapter titles. The chapters mostly address the Ultimate Reality, from humanistic perspectives.

        In search of the real.
        The psychology behind your emotions, feelings and thoughts: The mind.
        Self-control verses self-awareness.
        True beingness.
        The real and the unreal.
        The essence of being: The is-ness of life.
        The conscious evolution.
        The absolute.
        Remaining non-dual.
        Energy and beyond.
        Challenge and flying.
        Seed and the tree.
        Ice, drop and ocean.
        The medium.
        The shadow.
        Beyond Boundaries: Epilogue.

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